About us

MDA Finance is a company developing operations in the field of financial services, consulting companies regarding their equity adequacy, trade with numismatic coins and precious metals.

As a result of our long-standing experience in the financial analysis of the international financial markets, corporate and the private finances, we have come to the conclusion that the commemorative coins in and of themselves are a good investment with a constantly increasing income curve, as well as a very good resource for protection of savings under hard economic conditions. This fact shall be due to the precious metal, on which the coin has been minted, as well as the limited number of coins in a single circulation, which adduces additional collection value of each sample. This in turn shall protect the investment, as a result of hesitations in the price of precious metals.

The commemorative coins shall not be reviewed only and just as a method for investment and personal savings, they have a very strong collection feel to them. The magic that encompasses each collector of commemorative coins is hard to describe with words, but is a very strong emotional experience after adding the next coin to the collection.

All of the factors listed herein have motivated us to develop the Internet store www.macoins.com, as unique in the field of all minted coins in Bulgaria from the Liberation until today.

Macoins.com has the purpose of providing all characteristics of the coins, as well as their consequence for mint during the years. Here every collector could find a coin missing in his collection from emissions from past periods and new emissions of the BNB.

Macoins.com shall provide opportunity for each person, regardless of knowledge and experience, to make a good investment and therefore increase their welfare or save their own savings from inflation. You can rely on authenticity of all coins offered in the shop.

Macoins.com shall provide an opportunity for you not only to purchase any of the coins offered, but also sell it back to Macoins.com at any moment, in which you decide to stop being the owners of the coin you have purchased.

Macoins.com has the purpose of making numismatic coins of the Republic of Bulgaria accessible for a large group of people and thereby shall contribute to their promotion in Bulgaria and abroad.

We believe ownership of commemorative coins shall bring to their owner not only direct wealth, but also moments of joy from each new acquisition of specific coins.